Cult of Shar

Learned so far:

From Sister Linora:
Shar is a greater goddess who, with her sister Selûne, created the 3 lands. She longs to see a desolate world filled only with evil and despair. Following the Spellplague, Shar found it within her power to reshape the Plane of Shadow, which she transformed into the Shadowfell. The Shadowfell is a dark reflection, where undead and shadowy humanoids stalk the land.

Shar exercises a strong influence over the southern regions, whose denizens worship her openly. Although activity on her behalf outside those nations is limited, small cells do exist that represent her interests. The Monks of the Dark Moon is among the most devoted and formidable groups of followers.

From Gavern:
She is the Mistress of Night, one of the greater gods, and she has only evil in her heart. Out of the primordial chaos, she and her sister, Selûne, created the world. However, unlike her good sister, Shar longs to see the world fall into darkness and evil.”

From Agrid:
Kalarel is the mastermind! He wanted the mirror in that crate over there for some ritual in the keep in the mountains. I don’t know why. My contact in the town was a shopkeeper named Bairwin; he was the one who paid me and told me where to find it.

From Valthrun:
Long before the arrival of the dracolich Velahti in the Thunder Peaks, another dragon prowled the mountains. The great wyrm, Shadraxil, was the shadow dragon sire of Velahti’s mother, Shhuusshuru. At the birth of Cormyr 1400 years ago, Shadraxil was already a great wyrm and sire to many other dragons, including Shhuusshuru.

As Cormyr extended its power, the nation built fortresses along its frontier, including in the Thunder Peaks. At that time, Shadraxil laired there, and in the year 236 DR, the great wyrm began attacking Cormyr’s outposts. In response, Cormyr sent a contingent of brave soldiers. They devised a plan to lure the beast into an arcane trap, where Cormyr’s War Wizards managed to bind the wyrm in a prison within the Plane of Shadow.

Shadraxil has been trapped in the prison for twelve centuries, forgotten by most and assumed dead by the few who recall his name. After centuries of imprisonment, Shadraxil believed he would never escape. However, when Shar folded the Plane of Shadow into the Shadowfell following the Spellplague, the dragon awoke and saw his chance. The Spellplague weakened the protective seal keeping the dragon imprisoned, and so Shadraxil struck a deal with Shar, offering his services in her dark purpose if she could use her agents to free him. After years of excavation and preparation, Shar’s servants are finally poised to free Shadraxil, a beast mighty enough to upset the balance of power in the world.

From Valthrun’s research in the librairy:
“My books and scrolls tell me that it was built by the old empire, Cormyr, as I suspected. Not to
watch for marauders, though. No. It was built over the site of a rift to the Shadowfell, a place of darkness and shadows!

“Not all of the Shadowfell is evil, but this rift apparently connects to an unholy sanctuary of Shar. Skeletons, ghouls, and stranger, fouler creatures crawled through the opening into the light of day. The empire destroyed the undead and then sealed the rift and built a keep over the
location to watch over it and contain its threat. I thought that was the end of the story. Now, I’m not so sure.

Cult of Shar

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